• Suspension

    Visual Concept Album

    by Toria Tolley



    Suspension is a metaphor for the ins and outs of falling in love. The character, in the beginning, jumps off a skyscraper and as she is falling, has flashbacks of falling in love. At the end of the album, she is almost to the ground but is saved by a hand that reaches out and catches her. With this album, I hope to involve every form of art as an expression to tell my story. Click the above photo to listen to the concept.

  • Is falling worth the risk?

  • How to experience this music treatment

    listen along as you read the video concepts below. Click each chapter & then each picture for a song link. The goal of suspension is to create a visual album through multiple mediums of art that tells a story as a whole. The narrations give background information for each set of songs & document a crazy but ultimately fulfilling journey in discovering one of life's greatest mysteries...

  • First Video Production

  • What if you've finally found love, but then your very life is about to be taken from you?

  • Final song

    Character approaches building (original skyscraper from beggining video). She begins climbing stairs up to building. Fast close-ups of catching the railing, feet up steps. In sync with song lyrics. She “Stops”.

    Looks down and the camera does a distorted fish-eye view of the ground, making it look far away. She looks up quickly and bravely keeps going. Almost slips on steps. The wind blows hair. Close up of eyes opening wide in terror but curiosity. Stops to catch breathe. Keeps going but runs this time. Grabs heart, keeps pushing. Reaches top, is running to edge. Looks over, its scary. Jumps off, and begins to fall. Slow motion of her falling. (Here would be flexible for ideas to have dave from work or magic matt come in). She keeps falling. Dancing in suspension. As she gets closer to the ground, eyes are in terror, hand in reaching up as she is panicking. But at last second, a hand grabs hers and saves her.

  • About the artist

    Hi im toria

    I'm an Alaskan bred woman, with wilderness embedded into my DNA, a song always spilling from my lips, and a past that pushes me to never be ordinary. A daughter of a Special Forces soldier, danger has always been my neighbor. I fight to be happy but my eyes have been opened to not just intense beauty of the world but the great sadness that come with it sometimes. I have so many stories to tell... about my fight with loving this Earth and its wonder but also hating it for its cruel corners. It makes me crazy. So I have to create and let it out so that it does not harm others nor disrupts the balance. Art lets me do that. Writing, rapping, singing, strumming, dancing, recording: storytelling keeps me somewhat sane and hopefully encourages others to find a way to do the same.

  • Previous Project

    Take a look and enjoy!

    If I could ft Tyler Aldridge

    This song was one of my first visions coming to real life! All it took was an enthusiastic artist to come explore with us, and capture the story. It is a prime example of manifesting thoughts and beliefs into reality. My goal with Suspension is to do the same!

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    You didn't think that was it did you?


    So... love is the most amazing thing. But what happens when unconditional love turns out to be a form on insanity and... obsession?

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